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"It is exciting to me that thanks to the recent research on Brain development, neuro plasticity, Epigenetic, the better understanding of how the mind shapes the brain and the brain shapes the mind, the PolyVagal discovery by Stephen Porges P.h.D., the ongoing mapping of neuro networks, better tools to observe the effect of complex, attachment and developmental trauma on the brain, we can now offer far more effective healing and growth programs to individuals, couples, families, work environments, and communities." ~ Tiziana Perinotti,  Creator of ThrivingOnChangeNow

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Tiziana Perinotti is happy to help you mindfully manage your stress with a powerful process complete with tools customized for your specific situation, so that you can reclaim your inner strength, and become more resilient. 

She knows all about the enormous stress in the technical work as she has experienced it herself as a SW technical lead and consultant and also the stress of performing on stage as an actor, and artistic director

She has
extensive training and practice in Focusing technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Hypnosis, Neuro-Biology, Somatic-Therapy, Energy-Psychology, and other modalities, all based on the latest brain research and studies by the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM). More info in  resume .

"I am in the bussiness of E-Motions (Energy in Motion) and as a Healer and an Artist I am totally and deeply committed to my life call."
Contact   me today and start living at your full potential, free of unconscious limiting beliefs and unhealthy mental programming that hold you back from the quality of life you deserve and desire.

Tiziana Perinotti has been an enthusiastic member of the excellent MasterMind Therapy Circle by Doctor Diane Poole Heller Ph.D.

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